Sword Girls Online

Recently, i watch Sword Art Online, storyline  was similar to .hack series but the method of the anime  present how is an online game work made me want to watch more about it. Therefore, i google it and i found a flash game call “Sword Girl Online”. Here is the website and their video. What […]

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Godly KyoAni Quality -Hyouka-

I’m curious, can you explain it? Let us welcome “Hyouka” by Kyoto Animation. Its been awhile, i haven’t seen KyoAni work already since after the Nichijou anime. Well say.. the storyline is school life with detective style, quite interesting and funny. Furthermore, Godly Anime always come with… Godly Opening Theme. Yea~ Let Enjoy It.

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Gal Game Illustrator

When i want to start this post, i wondering what title should i use? Because of this video.. Cute and Beautiful right? The artist name is Misaki Kurehito, if you do not know who is it here is a good start point for you… And finally, Omake  Gallery

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