Nana Mizuki 28th Single –Bright Stream–

New to anime world? which kind of animation should i watch first?

With no doubt, I’m introducing a Magical Girls Story to you and its name is Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha

Why should i watch it? First, as a Nana Mizuki fans, i dare to say “She is a legendary Singer in the anime world”
The first time i watch this anime, i was totally fall in love with her voice (Fate Testarosa) >.< and also her SONG – Innocent Starter!!!!

This anime orginal series have 3 season,

  1. Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha –S1
  2. Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha As –S2
  3. Mahou Shoujo Ririkaru Nanoha  Striker–S3

And then, in 2010, they remake the whole series become movie.

When i want to watch an anime, the first thing i will like to know is their theme song, because song will describe how the moral of the story (similar to “Toki wo Kizamu Uta from Clannad After Story)

Now, Nana has release her 28 th single -Bright Stream-

‘ No matter how despair is it, you must always remember… you’re not alone’

3. Sacred Force

Lastly, the song and pv is available in here and here



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