Saber Lily / Alter

I ask of you, are you my Master?

Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~

Saber Alter

If you’re a figure collector and you’re also a fate series fans, you will not miss up this 2 figure.
“Where There Is Shadow There Is Light”. Saber Lily is a knight with pride and glory upon her soul while Saber Alter is the knight cover with darkness aura from Angry Manjew.

Personally, for the people who just starting to watch fate series anime, a confusing question will always appear. Which one should i watch first? Fate/ Zero, Fate/ Stay Night, Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia or … ?

For your information, Fate/ Zero is a prelude of Fate/ Stay Night but in the series Fate/ Stay Night was adopted as anime on 2004, while Fate/ Zero adopted as anime on 2011.

In all fate series, Saber’ s well known skill a.k.a “Excalibur” -> The sword which connect the past and future. there is some clip

Fate/ Stay Night -EXCALIBUR-

Fate/ Zero -EXCALIBUR-

But, as u can their quality 2004 Studio Deen and 2011 Ufotable… no doubt, just a warning, if you can’t watch back the old anime drawing style, i suggest you better get a kick start from Fate/ Stay Night first….

Lastly, download is available at here.. Enjoy it .


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